Mama Mable

Say Hello to Mable's Mama! She is the larger version of the regular Mable Chicken (about a 12"x12")

Each chicken is handmade. When I attach the comb, eyes, and beak, nothing is exactly perfect. Let's be honest, it gives each chicken it's own personality. If you would like one that's NOT grumpy, please leave a note to me in check out and I'll do my best.

I can do custom colors! Also, the yellow chicken can be made with a different color beak than the grey shown. Just leave me all notes at check out.

The eyes and beak are embroidered on. I can add small safety eyes if requested (not recommended for children under 3).

Made with 100% polyester yarn.

Please Note: This is not a toy. Small parts can be hazardous to children. Please monitor children at all times with this item.