$5.00 - $32.00

Zero Waste Collection - Soap Saver Bag, Loofah, Reusable Facial Rounds

Say goodbye to plastic loofahs and single use face wipes. Say hello to the Zero Waste Collection! This collection features all reusable products. Made with 100% soft cotton yarn! Everything is machine washable! This collection can be purchased as a set or individually.

Want to extend the life of your soap bar? Don't know what to do with the last remains of your soap bar? Look no further! How to use: Pop your soap bar or soap remnants into the bag and pull the wood bead tight. Run the soap saver bag under water and begin to wash and exfoliate. When finished, hang soap bag up to dry.

Facial Rounds: get wet with water and use to clean your face, you can also use soap, makeup remover, or toner with them as well!

Looafh: get wet with water and add your favorite body wash. Lather, rinse, and hang to dry.

Soap Saver Size: 3" w x 4.5" h (approx)
Will fit most normal sized soap bars. Soap bar pictured measures 3.5" w x 2.5" h
(soap not included)

Made with 100% cotton

Machine Wash & Dry - Facial Rounds
Machine Wash & Lay Flat to Dry - Soap Saver and Loofah

Please note: Colors shown may vary slightly due to photo lighting and dye lots of yarn.